Beginning in the spring of 2015, we are going to begin planning our own full length screen adaptation of The Silmarillion.

I draw your attention to the word planning. I have no intention of ever producing it. All we are going to do is talk about The Silmarillion.

We are going to plan it in detail. The goal is to apply the kind of creative analysis and imaginative investment that you have to bring to an adaptation. To enter back into The Silmarillion and live there. Think about how we would make this story work and communicate to people.

Planning. Only.

This will fulfill one of the goals I’ve always had—to help more people really get The Silmarillion. It’s so hard for the average Tolkien fan to read. It’s too little embraced for what it is. Most people who try to read the book don’t finish it.

I want to do an adaptation completely untrammeled by reality. No restrictions of any kind—pure awesomeness without check.

Our budget is infinite. Access to anything we want, because we are playing make believe, which is better than reality in this case.

I do hope that this will be something like a community project. I don’t know very much about movies, and I certainly know nothing about making movies. I’m really looking forward to what other people have to say. I would love to see artists and musicians and writers engaged in this project.

I want to do the entire Silmarillion from one end to the other. No excerpting or skipping. We are not going to try to compress the book into a feature length film or series of films. (We are thinking of it more as a television series, in fact.)

And we don’t have to worry about making it sell. Because it’s make believe!

The project resides here on this site, in the notes from live episodes and the discussions and observations posted by listeners.