SilmFilm 2-15: Episode 11: Saga of Feänor as he destroys everything around him at Formenos

SilmFilm 2-15: Episode 11: Saga of Feänor as he destroys everything around him at Formenos Announcements: Two new opportunities for Tolkien study Reading schedule for return of the shadow has been posted Starting in January – reading the Lord of the rings chapter by chapter inside LOTRO Mythmoot registration is open Episode 11 (anti penultimate… Read More

SilmFilm 2-14: Episode 10: The Kinstrife

  SilmFilm 2-14: Episode 10: The Kinstrife Announcement: Mythmoot Registration open June 1-4 at National Conference Center in Leesburg, VA Today – Episode 10 We need to bring Fingolfin and Fëanor into conflict We’ve been resisting making Fëanor a jerk (if he’s a jerk from day 1, people won’t like him) but now It’s time… Read More

SilmFilm 02-20 – Script Outlines Continued

Sauron is still thinking he’s doing the right thing…Melkor is gone now He would draw them in and teach them many things as allied servants He might not approach them with love, as much as awe Episode 5 is the Balrog-led Elf hunt for sport Sauron would see this as a waste of resources…he wants… Read More

SilmFilm 02-19: Script outlines

  We need to get the rest of the cast of Firefly in our series Kaylee is nominated for something Outlines Episode 1: Awakening of Elves Taking of Celebrían Taking of Elves from Cuiviénen – the dark rider Arwen’s reaction to this/Celeborn explaining The decision to go to war against Melkor, but from the Elves’… Read More

SilmFilm 2-18: January 13, 2017

What is the climax of episode 13? The great tragedy is the killing of the trees The turning point for the season is when Fëanor refuses to hand over the Silmarils If we weep for Finwë more than the Trees, we lose something of Tolkien Fëanor should be hit really hard by it all He… Read More

SilmFilm 2-17: January 6, 2017

Announcements: Corey’s Lord of the Rings class on Tuesday (Every Tuesday) First chapter in 3 sessions Close reading Recording of session on Signum University YouTube and iTunes University Biggest Signum attended event – over 400 were on the livestream Will be focusing on Bilbo’s story arc next week. Not in Netmoot – it’s on the… Read More

Season 2, Session 12: Episode 9 Finally! The Flippin Silmarils!

Introduction So…Why is it called The Silmarillion? It’s only the name of the book and the hypothetical TV show and this podcast… Announcements 1) Thanks to all who participated and donated to fundraiser 1) record-setting goal of $44.5k raised (of $50k YEARLY goal) 2) All the sessions from the Webathon are on YouTube The interview… Read More

Season 2, Session 12: Episode 8 – Everybody loves Fingolfin

Introduction Trial of Melkor Melkor in Valinor could be really cool Turning point The real conflict of the season Announcements 1) Over $25K raised (of $50k goal) 2) Webathon – Saturday October 29: couldn’t fit all the great programming into a Sunday afternoon Corey Interview by awesome middle school kid – a kid’s Silmarillion Q&A… Read More

Season 2, Session 11: Episode 7 – Spirit of Fire (aka The Silmarillion needs more Rap Battles)

Introduction Princes of the Eldalië Fëanor’s childhood Announcements 1) Just under $20,000 raised, almost halfway through annual fundraising for the year Monday’s discussion with Ted Nasmith (Tolkien artist) available on YouTube Official illustrator of the Silmarillion 2) Special events SilmFilm writer’s session with producers/script elves in the Webathon on 10/30 Afternoonish Focused on the frame… Read More

Season 2, Session 10: Episode 6 – Finwë has a lot of reproductive work to do

Announcements 1) “Pausing for the convenience of the editor” t-shirts for Dave 2) Midmoot SilmFilm project presentation (Marie, Nick, Karita)  The need to justify this activity Critical analysis vs fanfic/“critfic” Much of Tolkien’s work could be considered fanfic of mythologies In the old days, it was all about retelling old stories. “Doing your own thing”/being… Read More