SilmFilm 2-15: Episode 11: Saga of Feänor as he destroys everything around him at Formenos

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SilmFilm 2-15: Episode 11: Saga of Feänor as he destroys everything around him at Formenos


  1. Two new opportunities for Tolkien study
    1. Reading schedule for return of the shadow has been posted
    2. Starting in January – reading the Lord of the rings chapter by chapter inside LOTRO
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Episode 11 (anti penultimate episode)

  • Feänor doing the thing that gets him banished
  • Fingolfin being “understandingly annoying” to his older brother
    • “Watch Fingolfin’s ’embers of awesomeness’ grow in the wind”
    • Question posed: how is altering Fingolfin like this different from altering Aragorn & Faramir?
      • Tolkien’s Faramir has “daddy issues,” but Jackson’s film overly emphasizes it, and makes him weak as a result Faramir’s choice to let them go isn’t a moment of strength – he is only caving to a different pressure than he was caving to originally
      • Jackson seems to want to bring the high and mighty characters down so we can relate to them more… Aragorn never had doubts about his kingship
      • W/Fingolfin we are giving the character more emotions and personality… We are not taking “the high character” and bringing him down so we can relate to him better
        • We want Fingolfin’s greatness to be more great not less great
        • But we want Feänor’s frustration with Fingolfin to be justified
        • Fingolfin doesn’t have to be whiny either
        • Making mistakes are a growth experience – Fingolfin could have a realization that leads to his greatness
        • Lord of the rings is an epic story, but the characters are filled out and flawed, versus Silmarillion which is a more epic story with epic characters that are just filled out
      • Aragorn already had a good story in the book – Jackson didn’t have to lower him
        • Jackson almost makes Aragorn like he grew up in a democracy and now has to be king
      • Fingolfin’s legends are all amazing and grand. But his childhood may not have been like this.
        • Example: George Washington being lauded for honesty and integrity, but he wasn’t always like this and likely was not born straight out of the womb with that trait
        • Also there was a little known story of Washington being given land to distribute among his soldiers, but he actually kept it for himself
      • Christopher Lee narrating Children of Hurin is amazing (end special commercial plug from Trish)


  • What’s up with the Valar? Do we show the trial?
    • The Book of Lost Tales has dialogue that delves into it
    • Corey is in favor of leaving it out – it would be the first scene that Tolkien wrote that we’d leave out
    • Audience position…
      • Most of season should be from the Eldar point of view
      • Grumbling Noldor – we don’t want them to seem like flat out jerks
      • They are really smart and learned
      • How can a brilliant learned people come to the conclusions that they do?
      • We need to be immersed in their perspective. If we cut to the Valar being judicious, the Noldor will look childish
      • Valar – not stupid and bumbling
    • Melkor – in the book it only take a sentence or 2 to say that Melkor went among the Noldor, befriended them, was accepted by them, and then deceived them
      • Showing all this will take more dialogue/writing
      • Everything he says is totally plausible
    • The mistake the Valar make is to not talk to the Noldor and allow them to draw their own conclusions (or ask further questions)
      • Showing the Valar would limit the impact of the tragedy
      • The doubts that Fëanor has about the Valar should still be plausible
    • Episode 10 ends with Eonwë coming in and telling Fëanor he’s been banished
      • Want to focus on how Finwë, Fëanor, et al react to what they did from their POV
      • Episode 11 might take place completely in Formenos
    • Who’s at Formenos?
      • Finwë/Indis – does he follow his son and leave his wife behind?
        • The “this is the thing Míriel was talking about” conversation needs to happen (Indis and Míriel had a conversation about Fëanor while the latter was still alive)
        • Finwë would be like “I know. I just need more time to bring him back” (his other motivation)
        • And Finwë chooses anyway (he doesn’t want Fëanor to feel persecuted) – a bad but compassionate decision
        • “Aren’t you king? Can’t you request an audience?”
          • Finwë considers himself unkinged when Fëanor is banished
            • “If the Valar can override my decisions of citizenship and parenthood, maybe we are just puppets, and maybe Melkor is right.”
          • She wouldn’t have to live there permanently – she can go back and forth between her husband and her sons. She herself is not banished.
            • Fingolfin may ask why she’s leaving
          • Fëanor and Nerdanel – Nerdanel would try to talk some sense into him
            • Nerdanel might tell him he has to invite Indis when he’s like “I don’t want that woman in my house!”
            • All the Fëanorians
            • Gratuitous shot of Huan lying around, looking miserable
              • Every few episodes, we could have a non-verbal Huan reaction – he gives the audience a clue as to how to feel, from the background
              • (Or a talky reaction the way Huskies like to talk)
              • Doggie eye rolls
            • Melkor wants to be allies with Fëanor – “First they came for you, now they’re hunting me…the horns of Oromë and the footsteps of Tulkas are upon me”
              • Fëanor doesn’t let him in b/c he just doesn’t like him – Fëanor sees a rival and his pride leads him to reject Melkor (doing the right thing for the wrong reasons)
                • And the Noldor returning to Middle-earth would be another “right for the wrong reasons” type thing
              • “Jailcrow of Mandos” is an insult – “didn’t you beg for mercy at Manwe’s feet?” He is challenging Melkor’s status
                • “You’re a joke. You were their prisoner. You are beneath me.”
                • Fëanor slams the door, and we see Melkor’s face as it changes, and for the first time, he looks like the Tyrant of Utumno
              • Nerdanel could be listening in and doing the math, coming to the realization that Melkor has been lying all along
              • She can reveal her knowledge when Fëanor receives the summons for the Feast of Reconciliation
                • We can get a bit of the Valar POV here
                • She only publically speaks against him when he leaves for Middle-earth
              • Season ends with Darkening of Trees and Thieves’ Quarrel

Next Episode:

  • The Valar – flashback or conversation of deliberation
    • How do we handle?
  • Fingolfin and Fëanor?
    • What does this scene mean to each of them?
    • How do we handle?
  • Eonwe’s invitation to reconcile
  • Melkor and Ungoliant – now it’s time to implement plans
    • How do we handle?
    • Andy Serkis for motion capture Ungoliant
    • Andy Serkis for the Fingolfin/Melkor fight
    • Andy Serkis for motion capture eagles