Welcome to the Silmarillion Film Project

The Silmarillion Film Project is an exercise in adaptation—a planning exercise only, with no intention of following through to production.

The goal, according to Signum University president Corey Olsen, “is to apply the kind of creative analysis and imaginative investment that you have to bring to an adaptation. To enter back into The Silmarillion and live there. And think about how we would make this story work and communicate to people.”

This is an immersive learning experience, meant to bring people to The Silmarillion and other works by J.R.R. Tolkien in a thoughtful and creative way. It is comprised of two primary parts: A biweekly audio podcast that is recorded and posted here and on iTunes; and the discussion board on this site. The podcast hosts will tee up issues and questions for listener feedback and then make decisions about strategy and approach. The discussion board is for discussion about any aspect of the adaptation by the listener communication as well as for alternate adaptation strategies.

You are welcome to join in at whatever level of participation suits you.


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